Meeka & Sean Caissie Platinum Executives (Founders of Nebedaye Nation)

We own a construction company and love the outdoors. Our lives are full of fun, family, friends and good food. 
We are aware that if anything happens to the real estate market we could take a huge hit, not to mention if anything happened to Sean and are totally on board with creating a residual income part time. We are also conscious about what we put into our bodies and onto our bodies and well, ZIJA just made sense to us. The more people we help, the more money we make! And, the more products we take the healthier we feel! It's a WIN WIN!

I have always been healthy but several years ago my health took a turn for the bad and I found myself depressed, overweight and miserable. Doctors couldn't help without medicating me and I was committed to repairing the issues myself. A friend introduced me ZIJA and our lives have never been the same. I started with a detox, dropped 27 pounds, and since then I fuel my body with the best nutrition on earth every day. I feel more vibrant, look younger and no longer take any kind of medications.

I have since chosen to learn as much as I can about the Natural Health Revolution while introducing it to others looking for health solutions, weightloss or additional income. I share with others what is possible and ZIJA rewards my efforts with pay checks (every week for almost 3 years) giving us more freedom and inspiring hope in others. 

Sean has always been healthy though he works super long hours and his mind and body both demand above average upwards of 15 hours a day. Though he loves what he does, he knows that without proper nutrition he simply cannot perform and that is where XM plus and Plant Protein came into make him smile that much more. 

We're surrounded by people who love helping others and who understand the importance of health and the power of ongoing,residual income and are committed to creating it just like us. We've found our family and an opportunity to create true financial freedom with ZIJA International.

Jessie & Elviro Iacobucci - Gold Executives

As parents of 3 incredible children, attending soccer, dance, hockey, baseball, school events and working full time jobs needless to say, we are busy! When a trusted friend introduced to us to ZIJA we got excited for 2 reasons, our feeding our family the best nutrition on earth and starting to create an extra income. We've always believed that by working smart, (sometimes hard) being consistent and always self improving building a network marketing business part time can replace our current incomes. We have seen it happen for so many so why not us? Well it has been well over 2 years now and ZIJA has never missed sending us a check. Our entire family loves the products, we love our team and the personal development aspect has been such a bonus in our every day lives and businesses. What are you waiting for join us today!

Lonny & Jenny Wong - Bronze Executives 

My wife saw our contractor (Sean Caissie) drinking this green stuff every day and seemingly abounding with energy even after 12 hours of physical work! We insisted he bring us some! Jenny and I have 3 very active children and between school, competitive sports, Jenny running the house and all the other magic she makes we all needed more energy. We have always been into natural health and organic eating including seeing a naturopath and myself who plays hockey every week but something was still missing. Since being introduced to ZIJA so much has changed, we all have more energy, and the kids are performing better too. We have since introduced ZIJA to those we care about and they too have passed the Supermix secret along and now we benefit from weekly checks in USD. It's amazing to us because honestly we would have shared this even without the thank you checks they send us. We have felt so supported and encouraged and really don't want to think about going back - it's hard to remember what it felt like before ZIJA even with the aches and pains gone. As parents we ask you to have a look, as entrepreneurs and investors, we as you take a good look. Where else can we be compensated for helping others - oh and the more we help the more we earn! 

Nathan Owen - Builder 1000

I have been in the personal training industry for over 13 years now. I have always been passionate and interested in the health and well being of the human body. From the age of 16 I started training at a gym and from 18 years old I took interest in the nutrition I was taking to fuel my body. 
I played high level sports back in Australia and competed in AFL and cricket. I made a name for myself playing cricket as a bowler and began to pursue a career as a professional cricketer before it was put to a stop at the age of 22. I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc (also having experienced stress fractures, slipped disc and a bulging disk earlier in my career). I was forced to abandon that career path or, suffer a back fusion. I was also told I may never play sports again.   
Skip forward 10 years of extreme pain in my lower back, a lady by the name of Meeka Caissie walks into the gym I'm working at and introduces me to Zija, specifically a superfood called Supermix. 

I was not interested as I thought I had the right idea of nutrition and didn’t need a supplement, I was wrong. I'm so glad that Meeka pursued with so much care that I drank this product called Supermix and after a period of time I began to realise that my aches and pain began to subside, even to a point that I no longer experience any pain in my back! I cannot thank Zija and everyone involved enough for their research on moringa and other products they have that I use for they have changed my life. To wake up and be pain free everyday has given me a new edge. And yes, I am playing cricket again and looking to take up bowling again.  
I'll be honest, I was very skeptical for the first few months of drinking the products and I did my research to do everything I could to find something about it that I didn’t like. All I found were more and more reasons to enjoy it and want to try other products. As a trainer I am up at 5am and often work until 9pm if not later. Zija's products give me phenomal energy to continue performing at my best everyday.I have now incorporated Zija and the many products they have into my life and also many of my clients. I have many clients who have experienced weight loss, more energy and feel good overall.

I train a lady who has lived with MS for the past 27 years of her life. When I met her, she was told by her doctors that she could expect to be in a wheel chair within 3 years. She came into the gym I work at frustrated, afraid, overweight and using a walker. I started training her, introduced her to Zija’s Supermix and after taking the product and a combination of weight training her blood work has the doctors baffled (so much so that they have ordered Supermix), she has been released of 40 medications, 80 pounds, has done two 5km runs and is currently training to do cartwheel in just 8 months. 

I work my Zija Business part time and it allows me to generate an income on the side at the pace I like to go. Having the extra income monthly has allowed me to reach my goals faster. I now have the ability to impact people's lives to a much greater advantage. ZIJA allows me to make bigger changes and get better results with myself, my family, my friends, my clients, team mates and anybody I strike a conversation with. 


The support goes all the way to the very top and there is always someone willing to help me out. It is the small things that are making the biggest impacts for me and Zija has it all from customer service at the highest level to support in growing the business and learning more about the products. I love this company, where we are headed and I'm excited to see how far myself and my team grow in the coming years. I look forward to welcoming you to the team!    

Penny Kearney - Builder 1000

I am so excited to share my very positive experience with the best nutrition and Team in the world!

I began my experience with Zija in the fall of 2017. 
As an active Lifeguard and Fitness Instructor AT 63 YEARS OF AGE I seemed physically well.

I rise early each morning (3:50 am) for my very demanding job which I love! Downside was, each afternoon, I needed a power nap to take my Giant dog for his six km walk before dinner. If not, I would be sluggish and suffer brain fog and then find myself falling asleep at my dining room table over dinner.

Since I began consuming Moringa Oleifera seeds, fruit and leaves, prepared to very exacting standards by Zija in a state of the art facility which maintains the highest levels of this most nutritionally dense botanical on the planet, I have more energy, my brain fog has cleared and I am more fit than I have been for the last forty years! I rarely nap any more!

I'm having so much fun with healthy, like minded people who like myself, care to ensure that family, friends and strangers like (through relaxed get togethers in living rooms, sports centres and even just at a coffee shop) can improve all areas of their lives through superior nutrition with Zija.

I have also raised my personal standard of living which is allowing me both more opportunities for travel and to stash more into my retirement account simply through helping those I know live better lives through this Natural Health Revolution. Zija sends me thank you cheques, in US$$$

Loveza Labro- Tarango

As a busy Mom and wife I see the value in a quick 1-2-3 health routine! Most of my friends and family grew up with Moringa aka Malunggay (in the Philippines) but we didn't know that ZIJA's moringa was so much more powerful- worth every penny! I used to take 4-5 naps everyday just to keep up and now I feel so energized and eager to share the Natural Health Revolution with others. I volunteer for everything I can and absolutely love people and so the biggest surprise was when I started to receive checks in the mail! I love this team, I love the support, I love this company and I love that I don't need to take all those naps anymore. God is good. Join the Natural Health Revolution and start feeling your best like us- we welcome you with open arms.

Eleni Economou- Builder 1000

I truly believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason”.  For years I battled with feeling depressed and exhausted with no drive to do much. I was forcing myself to go to work and forcing myself to be the best mother I could be to my two children as I had been a single mom from the time they were very little. Deep down I knew there was a fire in me to do something for myself and to be able to help and inspire others but I didn’t know where to find that strength or energy to make it happen.
I am so very grateful for the day my good friend gave me a couple of samples of Zija products to try.  I didn’t know what to expect and honestly to my surprise I never knew what it was like to feel the energy that I got from drinking these all natural products.  I quickly called him and said I need this in my life and where do I get them from.  It was that day that I started reading about moringa and trying to find out as much as I could about Zija International and what this company was all about and it was that day that my life changed forever.


Much to my amazement I was instantly a different person with more energy than I knew how to handle.  I became more productive at work where the mental clarity these products gave me I was able to focus on any task at hand. I was able to accomplish what I felt was anything that came my way. As I was already on a weight loss journey I noticed my weight was dropping twice as fast by using these natural supplements. I stopped drinking coffee as I didn’t have that craving for it anymore thinking I needed it for energy which it actually only made me crash. I had energy for a full day which was incredible.  I was all of a sudden feeling inspired and that fire I knew that was deep down was now in coming out in full force and couldn’t wait to share with anyone I came across.
I knew I always wanted to start my own business one day but always struggled with what I wanted that business to be and how I was going to financially make it happen. I did not know that with under $1,000 I was able to start something where I had the potential of making a lot of money and be able to help people at the same time with similar stories to mine.  This was such an inspiration to me and it really was a dream come true.  I must say that I was skeptical in the beginning because I have been approached many times by network marketing companies and knowing my personality I knew I was not a salesperson of any kind.  I didn’t like pitching sales lines or forcing myself on people with products that I was not sure on. Here’s the difference – I’m not selling. I don’t need to sell. I don’t feel like I have to sell. I have only shared my story and have inspired people to try for themselves and see their own journey with these products. The reward is amazing and I feel very blessed that I am able to do that to people I know and don’t know.
It gives me great satisfaction to see people’s lives change for the better, seeing them overcome health issues and seeing them get inspired to help others as well. I am never worried about sharing these products with people because that’s how confident I am that they could only have a positive experience.  Whether you want to take these products for your health or you actually want to make a business decision for yourself this company and its integrity is a great place to start and in my opinion why not do both?
I look forward to growing my business and to work with some of the most amazing inspiring people and finding Life Unlimited with the Natural Health Revolution. If you are looking for a change let’s talk! 

Leadership is developed by who we surround ourselves with and by what we feed our minds.

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