Born and raised in Toronto, attending 11 schools and being bullied, Meeka walked in on her second father in bed with a woman that was not her Mom. Totally destroyed and full of despair she ran away to Montreal at 17 where she convinced a nice man to hire her as a bartender and began earning money …. and attention. It was not long after that a man walked in and scouted her for a modelling contract and a year later an opportunity to move and become a partner in an Agency in Boca Raton FL.

After years of traveling as a model and actress, being poked, prodded, dressed, undressed, humiliated and used, she realized she was being paid for her looks and not for who she was but didn’t think she could do anything else.


After a stint on The Price is Right, touring with Julio Iglesias, Meeka had developed an unhealthy relationship with herself and a skewed view of the world often turning to food and alcohol to cope.


As the years passed she was taught that in order to stay in the game and earn contracts she would need to lose weight, have bigger breasts and get the ‘bags' under her eyes fixed as they cast shadows in photos, ultimately losing gigs. Fear of being rejected and homeless again she began starving herself and having her body manipulated with surgeries for what she believed would keep her agents and their clients happy.


Finding herself sick, insecure and depressed she finally moved back to Toronto where she met an award winning music producer who convinced her that her real talent was singing. He mentored her and at BMG studios, they began creating a record together. His friendship was a true blessing until he was struck by a car and later died. The record was never finished.

and now she is in a healthy relationship  with herself

Meeka took off to French Polynesia to embrace the simple Island life touring around in Resort hotels as a singer. After a year she made a decision to move to Vancouver, Canada and immerse herself in classes and courses to create a new life. She forgave herself and others, learned about paradigms, human potential and eventually went back to school to become a nationally registered professional counsellor, and a certified wellness coach and holistic nutritionist healing herself, her Mom and countless others.


Meeka raised her standards, met and married her Prince Charming who loves her unconditionally and treats her like his Queen and today, Meeka is in a healthy relationship with herself and others. She lives with courage and confidence and is enjoying her life on purpose with passion and vitality in her dream house, driving her dream car married to her dream husband. 


When Meeka is asked, what is one piece of advice you give others who feel lost or stuck, she says, “Everything happens FOR us, not TO us. I wouldn’t be the woman, wife, friend and coach I am today without my experiences, though I would strongly recommend hiring a coach with experience who sees you bigger that you see yourself and can show you how to turn your decades of pain into a lifetime of gain… oh and if you are a woman over 30 who wants children, freeze your eggs.”

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